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Hub Yacht

Simplify yacht management for owners, captains, and crew. Seamlessly plan, track, and address maintenance tasks. Streamline inventory management. Experience a new era of ease with Hub Yacht.


Scheduling Based on Time or Usage

The software allows you to set up reminders for tasks like engine servicing after every 50 hours of usage or hull inspections every six months.

Integration with Manufacturer Guidelines

Our software integrates manufacturer guidelines and recommendations to provide the most accurate maintenance schedule for your yacht.

Maintenance Activity Log and Reporting

Log all maintenance activities and generate insightful reports to keep track of completed tasks. The software offers a comprehensive audit trail for future reference.

Customizable Reports

Reports can be tailored to display detailed information about your maintenance history, costs, and future schedules.

User-friendly Interface

Our software boasts an intuitive interface that is easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Notifications and Alerts

The software includes built-in notifications and alerts to keep you up-to-date with upcoming maintenance tasks or issues needing attention.

Comprehensive Yacht Care

Our software helps to ensure your yacht stays in top condition, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected issues while at sea.

Document Management

Our software includes a feature for secure storage, management, and quick access to essential yacht-related documents.

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Yacht Management Simplified.
Welcome to our cutting-edge Yacht Maintenance Planning Software, a solution specifically designed to assist in managing and scheduling all your yacht maintenance tasks.
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